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Merchant Value Added Services


Enable you to get more insight into your business and card payment transactions with real-time information via mobile application or web portal.

Discover how AllZ+ can revolutionise your business.

1Easy setup and integration

A quick call is all it takes. You could access to real time reporting of your terminal payment.

2Real time reporting

Check up on payments coming in whenever you like, wherever you are.

3Seamless security

Your customers’ details are completely safe, and with a range of fraud options to suit your business, you are too.

4Transparent pricing

There’s no gateway set-up fee, just a simple fee based on the size of your business.

5Adapts with your business

AllZ+ is built to grow with you. As your business needs change, you can add or remove peripheral hardware with ease and expand what you can do with our revolutionary merchants’ Value Added Services.

6On-going support

We’re here for you whenever you need us, and as your business grows we’ll ensure that your AllZ Value Added Services grows with it.

Talk to us today about the best rates for your business.